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When you decide to purchase a new or used bowling ball bag, there are a few things you need to shop for besides the sale price. Bowling ball tote bags have evolved tremendously over the last ten years - new designs, new materials - and a lot more storage. Today's bowling bags not only hold balls - they are also a depository for all your essential bowling paraphernalia, such as bowling shoes, gloves, towels, cleaners, tapes and all the other assorted goodies you pick up over time.

Three things to consider when buying a new or used bowling bag are:

1) - Ball capacity - How many bowling balls do you usually carry to the bowling alley?

2) - Storage capacity - How much extra equipment, such as shoes, towels, ball cleaners, etc. do you normally carry? Always buy a ball tote with extra storage - you will have a tendency to need it over time.

3) - Roller Type - Straps and handles are acceptable for one and two ball bags, but many of todays bowling totes include rollers even on single ball bags for easier handling. If you decide to buy a bag with rollers, remember, the size of the roller is important. Larger is better.

Most knowledgeable tournament bowlers are aware that on line auctions can be, by far, the most productive source for locating quality new and used bowling ball bags for sale at discount prices. You can buy more one ball bags here, than anywhere else - at a fraction of the price. Below are some selected listings for on line auctions where bowling enthusiasts can buy an assortment of one ball bowling bags from manufacturers like Brunswick, Columbia, Ebonite, Nike, KR, Storm, AMF, Hammer, and Lane.

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